Unless you have given blood, walked an elderly friend or neighbor across the street, penned a very nice thank you note, donated a kidney, given someone flowers, smiled at someone or donated money to some really great charities, joining our newletter is the best thing you'll do today.

I guess have a baby should be on that list... and maybe hit the lottery.  Graduated from school... got good medical news... okay whatever, it's still an awesome thing to do.

Here's a little something about our Serious Lip Balm Newsletter - it's not your

normal newsletter.  Here's why - 

1.  We include special offers and giveaways in our emails.  (COUGH COUGH, maybe that's why we are writing this now)

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3.  We are going to start including new stuffs, like fun pics and maybe great recipes.  Who knows.  (COUGH COUGH and giveaways COUGH)

4.  You'll be the first to know about new shit.  

5.  We'd love for you to subscribe.  Like, for real.   

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We love you!

Khara and Luckey