A typical conversation when we start talking about Serious Lip Balm goes a little  something like this -

Us:  Hi!  We make lip balm, it's pretty great.

Someone else: That's so cool!  Where do you guys buy your lip balm?

Us:  Thanks!  No, we make it ourselves!  We know, that sounds very bizarre.

Someone else:  Oh no, it's not bizarre at all!  I know someone who buys a bunch of lip balm in bulk and then puts it into tubes and labels it, so they make it themselves.



Us:  Oh, I see!  I mean, that's great, but we make it.  Like, we go all MacGyver/Keebler Elves/Mad Scientist/Iron Chef on our five all-natural ingredients and we MAKE IT FROM SCRATCH.  Like... IN OUR KITCHENS.

At this time, people look at us like we are really crazy, but hopefully eventually they try our balms and fall in love with all of it like we did.    So anyway, the moral of the story is yes, we make it, yes, we love it, and yes, we can't wait to show you all of the adventures we have in the process.  Stay tuned!