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You guys.  YOU GUYS.  This weekend was INTENSE.

Sure, you could probably blame the giant corndog I ate at the Illinois State Fair and chased down with a milkshake, but I mean, who's counting?  The real reason it has been so intense is because of this AMAZINGLY AWESOME FANTASTIC piece of literature that was written about us by Ryne Turke over at WLDS; it was posted on Saturday morning and our Facebook pages promptly exploded into a fiery ball of reposts and shares and comments and I may or may not have gotten a mild case of carpal tunnel from trying to thank everyone for their awesome comments and well wishes, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Just like the corndog.

So anyway, if you missed it, here is the incredible article RIGHT HERE.

Here's the punchline of the whole thing - GUYS, WE ARE EXPANDING, and we are super pumped about it.  Here's the second punchline - WE WANT TO EXPAND MORE!  I know, right?  We're nuts!  We know!  We need your help, though;  do you happen to know anyone or any place that would like to carry the one and only Serious Lip Balm?  TALK TO US, TELL US YOUR SECRETS!  We would love to speak to anyone and everyone about wholesale orders and we offer free hugs and some good laughs along with business conversations, so hit us up.  Gift shops?  Sure!  Salons? Why not!  Coffee shops? Totally!  Gyms? We're there! Underground laser tag arenas that are only open for one night a month and you need a secret handshake to get in?  We're up for it, just tell us where to go and we'll bring coffees for everyone.

You guys, we love this and we want to do it more.  Thanks so much for everything, y'all are just the best for supporting us and we can't thank your sweet faces enough.  SERIOUSLY.