Serious Fix Healing Balm

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Calloused, sore, bleeding hands are an issue after high intensity workouts, a day in the garden or just the average day at work. If your life has your hands and other dry skin areas in desperate need of attention, it is time to try Serious Healing Balm.

This product has been created with serious healing in mind.

Serious Healing Balm is handmade using all-natural ingredients that will nourish, heal and moisturize your skin. We have spent serious time perfecting a formula that includes clove, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils whose antiseptic and healing properties will fix you up quick so you do not have to wait to heal up your cracked skin to jump back into your workout or your life.

Serious Lip Balm products are handmade in Jacksonville, Illinois and shipped directly from our hands to yours worldwide.


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