Serious Whip Moisturizing Lotion

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Serious Whip Lotion is an all-natural, handmade lotion that will help combat even the driest and most chapped skin without leaving a greasy residue behind.  Serious Whip has been whipped into a fluffy consistency and it has been piped into a wide-mouth metal tin that makes application easy and smooth.   Whip is lightly scented... not too sweet and not too strong. SIDE NOTE: also works amazingly as a makeup remover! 

Check out our video to see how it works!

Here’s a brief description of each of our available scents:

*Milk & Honey: The lightest of the bunch, this one has a subtle sweet and creamy scent.

*So Fresh & So Clean: Essential oils of peppermint, grapefruit and lemon give this whip antibacterial qualities AND a fresh scent!  Perfect for teachers and anyone else who often needs to use hand sanitizer! 

*Dude Whip:  The perfect option for the man in your life or anyone who would like something a little more unisex! Notes of cedar and leather work together perfectly for this one!

*Syd Nae: Named and designed by Khara’s niece, Sydney, this one has beautiful aromas of eucalyptus and sage. Limited Edition. 

*Ice Queen:  vanilla and mint combined in this one for a yummy scent. Add a little bit of shimmer and you’ve got our favorite Ice Queen! Limited Edition. 

*Cherry Almond:  A little bit a cherry and a little bit of almond work together for a delightfully sweet whip! Limited Edition  

*Georgia Quartz: This one is a fan favorite, for sure! It's bright and lively with citrus and floral undertones. Limited Edition

*Herbalicious: Basil, lemongrass, bergamot, tobacco and ginger combine to make this clean and amazing scent! Limited Edition.

*Campfire Marshmallow: This one smells like warm marshmallows and crisp evening bonfires. DELISH. Limited Edition.

*Unscented: No smell to this one, for our scent-sensitive people!

Serious Lip Balm products are handmade in Jacksonville, Illinois and shipped directly from our hands to yours worldwide.

All items must be shipped at the customer’s own risk in warm weather. 


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