Smidge of Serious Lotion Bar

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This is a smaller version of the original!

Do you know what makes your skin dry and scaly?  LIFE.  Life does it to you!

With our new and amazing all-natural Serious Lotion Bar, you can battle dry and rough skin with the soothing moisture of sweet almond oil, carnauba wax, beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and some luscious scented oils.  This incredible batch smells like fresh vanilla buttercream, so be prepared for everyone to ask why you not only look moisturized and fresh, but why you smell so damn yummy.

These .5 oz Serious Lotion Bars are handmade, filled with the best ingredients and come in a great little tin so that they can easily keep up with you and your busy life.

Serious Lip Balm products are lovingly handmade in Jacksonville, Illinois and are shipped directly from our hands to yours worldwide.


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